Maud has taught in many countries for more than 20 years now, and she has developed

a method that is attractive for young modern students that has proven its effectiveness

throughout the years: it is without saying how important it is to respect the rules of the ballet tradition and technique to create a good ballet dancer, yet a touch of modernism and positivity is highly necessary to excite young students' desire to learn.

Having herself benefited from the expertise of great Ballet Masters such as

Roland Duflôt, Gilles Guillaume, Wilfriede Piollet from the Paris Opera; Rafaël Reyes, Ballet Master from the National Ballet of Cuba; the renown American dancer and Pedagogue Wayne Byars, just to name a few, Maud has a dynamic, modern and open-minded

approach of teaching Ballet.

Because nothing works without heart and feelings,

Maud knows how to foster young dancer's needs in order to develop their passion

for dance and to make them go beyond themselves.

Don't be shy! Having the right teacher is the first step into the ballet world, whether you want to become professional or whether you simply want to enjoy the passion for ballet!